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Volvo Cars Winnipeg is a Proud Sponsor of the following galas, events, tournaments:

Fire & Ice Gala

Volvo Cars Winnipeg is an annual proud sponsor of the Fire & Ice Gala in support of the Pan Am Clinic Foundation. The foundation is to help maintain a world-class research, education, and health care organization for Manitoba and beyond.

Fire & Ice Gala 2024 (


Volvo Cars Winnipeg is a proud sponsor of LOWISA – Lake of the Woods International Sailing Association’s annual sailing regatta. For the past years, we have supported their sustainability commitment to ensure ongoing efforts are made to conserve and protect the lands and waters of Lake of the Woods. We have created a sustainability initiative to promote and highlight the adoption of sustainable practices amongst the LOWISA fleet. The most sustainable boat receives a custom Volvo Cars Winnipeg sail. We are proud of this ongoing initiative.

Sustainability – LOWISA

National Bank Tennis Challenger

Volvo Cars Winnipeg is a proud sponsor of the Winnipeg National Bank Challenger in partnership with Tennis Manitoba. This tournament features top Tennis players from around the world who compete for the championship. We are proud to support the players during their visit with transportation shuttle services to and from the venue.

Home Winnipeg – National Bank Challenger

IDEA Dinner & IGNITE Gala

Volvo Cars Winnipeg is a proud annual sponsor of both the IDEA Dinner and IGNITE Gala put on by the Associates and Young Associates.

The IDEA Dinner, hosted by the Associates recognizes international entrepreneurial excellence. IDEA continues to generate international awareness for the University of Manitoba and the I.H. Asper School of Business. We are proud to provide vehicle transportation for the IDEA recipient each year during their visit to Winnipeg.

Home – The Associates (

The IGNITE Gala, hosted by the Young Associates welcomes new students to the I.H Asper School of Business and allows for conversations and foster connections within the business community for new Asper students.

IGNITE – The Young Associates (

CoHabit Golf Tournament

Volvo Cars Winnipeg is a proud sponsor of the annual CoHabit Charity Golf Tournament. This tournament supports The Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba.

Home (

Jazz Festival

Volvo Cars Winnipeg is a proud sponsor of the Winnipeg Jazz Festival. The festival promotes the art of jazz and creative music through concert presentations and community engagement.

Jazz Winnipeg

The Birchwood Way

We believe that supporting and being involved in our local communities is an opportunity to give back and demonstrate our commitment to our customers, our team members and to our community. Our values of personal leadership, trust & respect, continuous improvement, and generosity begin with gratitude, and with gratitude comes responsibility to give back.

The Birchwood Way is our way of being involved by providing financial, in-kind, and volunteer support to various organizations, educational and social programs, groups, and individuals.

Evaluation Criteria

  • What impact Birchwood’s support will have on a community
  • How the funds or support will be used
  • The timeframe of the initiative
  • The dollar value requested
  • Capital campaigns are excluded from this program

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Needless to say, Birchwood is very proud of our employees and their level of commitment to our community. They give very generously of their time within various roles ranging from Hockey and Football coaches, dance instructors, volunteering at soup kitchens, Rotary Club members, Toastmasters, volunteering on boards ranging from day cares to charity golf tournaments. Our employees are involved in many ways within our community.

United Way
Since 2005, Birchwood employees have contributed over $8,000,000 to the annual United Way Winnipeg campaign.

Volvo Cars Winnipeg is both proud and honored to be Manitoba’s exclusive Volvo retailer. Our dealership is also part of the Birchwood Automotive Group, which means we also believe in giving back to and supporting the community that supports us. That’s why Volvo Cars Winnipeg is involved with several charitable organizations and is committed to giving back to our community.

United Way Leaders
United Way Leaders are those who give so generously at $1,200 or more per year. At Birchwood, nearly 240 team members give at the leadership level and our overall participation rate is 96% or higher. It’s an amazing testament to our values of offering our time, talent and resources to strengthen our communities. Thank you!

What’s all the buzz?
Since 2019, Volvo Cars Winnipeg is proud of our ongoing urban beekeeping initiative with local apiaries. From 2019-2022, we partnered with Beeproject Apiaries and most recently, Sweet Makers Honey Company. In 2019, Volvo Cars Winnipeg was awarded the Kijiji Autos Innovation Award for this initiative at DealerTalk in Toronto. Each year, this partnership involves installing apiaries on the roof of our dealership with monthly hive inspections and honey extraction workshops. At the end of the season, we give our customers a jar of honey extracted from the hives on our roof to share this innovative partnership with our community and customers.


Honeybees are some of the most hardworking creatures on the planet, we owe many thanks to this often underappreciated and sometimes feared insect. Worldwide there are more honeybees than any other pollinating organisms. It is estimated that one third of the food that is consumed worldwide relies on pollination, and majority of that is done by the honeybees. Many imported and domestic vegetables and fruits rely on pollination including many of our favorites such as peaches, avocados, melons, and cucumbers to name a few. Around 80% of the Canadian commercial crop is said to be dependent on the honeybee. Honeybees also have ties to the meat and dairy industry as well because a major part of the cattle diet consists of alfalfa and clover which the honeybee also pollinates.

For more information visit: Home | Sweet Makers Honey Company

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